I understand you're girlfriend experience but could you elaborate a little?

Of course! I very much like to have an individual experience with every gentleman that I see. Right from the start I am focused on you and am very open to suggestions or specific requests. Based off of this, if I feel I am not the companion for you I will tell you. That being said, I do not work well with menu's or checklists. I provide a bespoke and free flowing experience with all my lovers and checklists just aren't very romantic! I will give you a clue though, I am very sexual and I adore men full stop. I love kissing and sensual touches. I like my experiences with you to be the start of something exciting and long lasting. I prefer to build a rapport rather than just have a race to the finish line (so to speak)! To save time - Anal, BDSM, CIM are not available under any circumstances. All penetration is protected and I myself get tested every 4-6 weeks without question.

Can you tell me a little bit more about youself?

I was born in London, UK and grew up in London all of my life and wouldn't dream of leaving the big city (corny right)! I am currently partly through training to be a lawyer. I would love to specialise in banking and finance but have taken a specific interest in commercial property law; I am just really good with patterns and contract writing. Boring I know but I guess someone has to do it!

What do you do in your free time?

When my head is not in a legal book or database, you can find me reading other books - my particular interest has been Penguin classics and am currently tackling Dorian Gray. It does take me an exceptionally long time to finish books though, something I am working on!
Another vice is the Taschen series of Art books.
Fitness wise I have recently started swimming five days a week. I prefer to be an early bird and attend the first slot. I feel it starts the day off on the right tone. When it comes to the vices, I do not drink, smoke or do other recreational activities. I am partial to a little bit of Roulette though so a casino date is always fun for me!

Travel destinations

I really haven't explored much of the world but here are a select few places I would love to attend (if you would be so kind). • Northern lights (any country will do) - I also really would like to see a moose, trying to measure them up against myself height wise (I am 100% sure I will be able to walk under one) • Copenhagen • Monaco • Thailand • Hong Kong • New York • Chicago • Mexico • South America... by this I mean all of it

Ideal lover

I am very much a sapiosexual. Looks, ethnicity, body weight, shoes size etc do not bother me in the slighest. I am an inquisitive young thing and love to be seduced by your intelligence instead. The ideal lover though is someone who introduces themself politely and somewhat professionally, tells me all I need to know without millions of emails back and forth (I usually get bored after email no3), sends a deposit and is kind, respectful and attentive when we meet. I honestly do not ask for much.

Goals and aspirations

• Actually qualify as a lawyer (years and years to go) • Travel as much as possible • Start a business • Try the restaurants on my wishlist • Become better at swimming (hopefully practice makes perfect)

If you had to describe yourself in three words...

Witty, intelligent, caring

Can you travel

I can indeed. I will just need a few days notice. I may be able to do less if we have met before or the location is in Europe or the UK. I will have enhanced screening (unless we have met before) and a higher deposit as well as travel costs upfront. My screening instructions are available upon request.

If I invite you on a social date...

I would love to accompany you! I have some date ideas on my rates page but I am always open to suggestions. I dress very conservatively, think figure hugging clothes but never low cut or extremely short. I believe there is some sexiness in modesty while having revealing undergarments which can be discovered later! I will usually wear heels but please do not ask me to dress provocatively, it will always be a hard no.

How do you feel about taking photos of our date/ presents I give you etc

Personally I do not like to take photos of our dates or presents. I naturally am a very private person so this for me is very out of character. I definitely will not be publishing them online. I believe our time is intimate between us and that is how it should stay. I can't promise I won't sneak off to the bathroom to take a lingerie picture (which may surface online later) though. On dates I make sure that my phone is always on silent and will not be used unless in an emergency.

I have never seen a companion before, can I see you?

Of course you can. You have nothing to be nervous about. It is helpful if you tell me that upon first instance so I can be gentle with you but aside from that it's nothing to be worried about.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept deposits via Bank transfer, Cashapp or an E gift card (I will let you know which method I prefer). The deposit is deductible and applicable to all bookings. £100 deposit for all dates up to two hours in length, 25% & travel costs for travel dates (only bank transfer is acceptable but I can accept travel vouchers for the fares)(if applicable). I will book my own travel tickets. You can elect to pay the remainder via bank transfer or cash only. If you elect bank transfer it has to gone through before either our date has commenced or within 5 minutes of our date being started if you prefer to do it when you're with me. I only accept payment in GBP unless I am touring in which case I will specify.

Am I able to extend?

In date extensions are available but only if you let me know beforehand. I may have a tight schedule on the day so please let me know if you have an inkling you may extend and for how long by so I can plan accordingly.

Are photos/videos acceptable?

Never. I insist our time is only shared with us and I detest the idea of you taking a little souvenir with you. Good time to note that filming without permission is illegal in the UK and I have no issues raising that with the authorities which would be a tad embarrasing for you so let's just keep it on a good note shall we. If you are found to be filming I will have no qualms about stopping our date without refund, demanding the evidence and reporting you.

How far in advance should I book?

I am currently not accepting bookings at all in line with Government regulations. You can pre book for dates after 3rd December 2020. The same availability applies.

Favourite book/ film and music

My favourite book has to be American Psycho. Banned in a few countries and I did get very funny looks on the train but I am still extremely confused about the ending. Best literature I have read, no joke. Films... hard to choose. Contrary to my very girly persona, Scarface will always have a special place in my heart. To be honest anything with Al Pacino. My music tastes range from Cardi B to Pavarotti. My tastes depend entirely on my mood but I bet if you looked at my spotify you would be thouroughly confused!

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